#Helvetzid am 30. Oktober 2021 im Bahnhof Morges durch drei Schüsse eines Polizisten

Bro Nzoy, 

I am very sad and angry about what the police did to you on August 30, 2021 in Morges (VD). It is unbelievable what the police invented for a story that a tip was called in about a potentially dangerous person and when they arrived that you threatened the police officers with a knife. That same lie was used when the police killed George Floyd. The witnesses who were on the scene report a completely different story, and the video also shows a completely different version. You were not violent; you were praying at the station. You did not have a knife with you; you were scared and agitated because the four policemen had their guns pointed at you. They shot you three times and as you laid motionless and bleeding on the pavement, they handcuffed you. It was only five minutes later that a passerby tried to help you when he saw that no one was giving you medical attention or calling an ambulance. You died lying on the side of the tracks.

In Zurich, where you were born in 1984, protests are being organized demanding an independent investigation and expert testimony to hold the police accountable. There are posters and stickers with Justice4Nzoy all over the city. There is a growing movement demanding justice for you and all those affected by racism. You are in the hearts and minds of many people in Switzerland. Thanks to your family and friends, we can still see your smile and hear you rap on Instagram.

Rise in power, Mo

This interview was recorded on March 1, 2023, the day of the demonstration in Lausanne in honor of Mike Ben Peter, shot and killed by the Lausanne police in 2018. It is a testimony of Evelyne Wilhelm, the sister of Nzoy, a Zurich man shot and killed at the age of 37 by the police in Morges (VD) in 2021. It addresses their lives, the course of events of this tragedy, the question of justice and aims to restore the truth.

The Justice4Nozoy collective was formed to fight against police violence and to re-establish justice and the truth following this tragedy. For all the information on this fight, follow @Justice4Nzoy on social networks or go on https://justice4nzoy.org/

There is a podcast version of this interview available on ladispersion.ch/pod and enquetecritique.org


The first reaction of the police: to lie
The first reaction of the police to the murder was to lie. In a press release issued the same day, the police stated that after neutralizing the threat, their officers directly rendered first aid to Nzoy but failed to keep him alive. However, several witness videos show police handcuffing the dying man, searching him, and then leaving him on the ground for five minutes. It was finally an ambulance driver who happened to be passing by who gave him CPR and first aid until the ambulance arrived, but unfortunately too late. Faced with the evidence, the police corrected their lie in a second communiqué without explaining or apologizing. The police never apologize. This lie leads us to consider all information provided only by the police as conditional.
Enough 14 [https://enough-is-enough14.org/]