Black Switzerland Online Archive (BSOA) is a digital archive with the motto: Black Representation Matters! BSOA began in 2020 with the mission to cover the contributions of Black people in the fields of politics, culture, literature and art, as well as to document the history of Black people and biographies of Black professionals in Switzerland. Books, articles, films, organizations, businesses and events of Black professionals are listed, and thus made easily accessible. The is no SSOA membership. You can support SSOA by suggesting books, articles, films, organizations, businesses, events, and Black professionals to be listed.


The mission of BSOA is to collect, record and share resources for the interest of witnessing, representing and enhancing the memory of Black people for generations to come.


The aim of BSOA is to promote Black representation, to make the works of Black people more visible and easily accessible, and to preserve our history.


Witness: Make the works of Black people more widely accessible.
Connect: Strengthen relations between Black communities.
Preserve: Record the works and history of Black people