Helvetzid on Alireza

Helvetzid an Alireza am 30. November 2022 im Foyer Étoile in Genf

Thursday, December 8, 2022, hundreds of people gathered in solidarity in memory of the young Alireza who committed suicide on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. He had been in Switzerland for several years, but Switzerland had not given him the right to a residence permit. He had just received a decision from the Federal Administrative Court, which confirmed that his application had been rejected and that he should be sent back to Greece, on the grounds that this country was "safe". Greece, where Alireza had spent several months in critical living conditions, causing significant trauma. His death is a shock that has awakened a wave of sadness and anger at a migration policy that kills with iniquitous administrative decisions. Several important demands emerged from the statements of Alireza's friends and the associations that support them so that things can change: The granting of B permits (refugee) to allow integration and training, the end of Dublin transfers to Greece, a cantonal identity card for rejected persons, the closure of inadequate centers. To allow the family to come to Switzerland to allow mourning and administrative procedures, and to conduct an investigation into the circumstances of Alireza's death.

asile.ch, 12.12.2022