Helvetzid in the asylum camp "Le Lagnon"

#Helvetzid on January 3, 2022 on the 34-year-old man at Camp "Le Lagnon" in Geneva.

On January 3, a person committed suicide in the camp “Le Lagnon” in Geneva. The deceased 34-year-old from Nigeria had arrived in the canton of Geneva in early December. He had been in the “Le Lagnon” camp since December 7, 2022. According to the newspaper “Le Courrier”, he appeared disoriented and confused. The authorities and the administrators of the asylum camp did not protect his life sufficiently. The interests in isolation, repression and deterrence are weighted higher by the authorities than the right to life and health protection in the asylum regime. The dying of refugees is accepted. Allowing people to die is a grotesque expression of structural racism in Switzerland. The authorities as well as companies that manage the asylum camps are always responsible for suicides, too. Refugees are under their care in the asylum camps. The more the state restricts freedom through isolation and repression, the more clearly it is to blame.

Text by Migrant Solidarity Network